Management Department provides opportunities in the field of management studies at both under graduate and post-graduate levels. India during the preceding 15 years has seen rapid development and growth and even during the world financial crisis of 2008-09, has maintained economic development and is poised for further economic transformation. Sectors like service finance, IT, telecom, infra structure and real estate are again well poised for growth. At GOLDEN, we attempt to nurture thoughts which bring out the hidden potential in each and every individual.

The management programme at Golden is to impart management education in a cohesive environment so as to enable the student to be optimally equipped to respond to the changing requirements of the industry in the Indian ethos

The objectives of the Departmental Programmes are:

  • To provide quality management education.
  • To prepare a new generation of management professional with depth of knowledge& excellence in technology.
  • To provide ample opportunity for overall personality development.
  • To attract motivated faculty with an aptitude for teaching learning process.
  • To provide innovative methods of delivery.
  • To prepare qualified management graduates imbibing human values.

Courses Offered:



BCA 60
BSE(IT)  30
MSC(IT)  30
BCOM (P)  30
BBA  30
BSC (Agri)  60
MCOM  30
MSC (Math)  30
MSC (Phy)  30