1. My vision of hope is to be never stop learning# stay home #stay safe #stay healthy ☺

  2. Stay home stay safe ,eat green vegetables in excess to boost up your immunity ,take warm water and make social distancing

  3. Stay home stay safe, eat green vegetable in excess,take warm water and make social distance

  4. Follow all precautions like regularly washing of hands, compulsory wearing of facemask while stepping outside, social distancing, stay home, don’t instantly use the comodities brought out from outside, wash them properly. Stay happy healthy and safe

  5. We should also follows the precautions that recommended by the government that enhancing our body immunity AND one is the most important thing that …….THANKS to corona warriors that bring light 🌅in the world 🌍and in our life #stayalert#stayhome🏠#staysafe👨🌆##JAI HIND….😊☺

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