The Department of Mathematics offers a complete postgraduate curriculum in Mathematics. M.Sc Mathematics course has been started in year 2014-15 with the purpose to give students advanced theoretical knowledge of mathematics together with practical skills to apply this knowledge both to mathematical problems and in applications of mathematics. A highly flexible structure that allows for individual adaptation, diversified curriculum, a high theoretical level, and an active research-oriented environment are some of the strongest features of the programme.


To assist students in acquiring a conceptual understanding of the nature and structure of mathematics, its processes, and applications.


  • Provide learning opportunities of unmatched breadth and depth.
  • Produce postgraduates that are in worldwide demand
  • Conduct research that has worldwide impact and recognition.
  • Undertake educational outreach and community engagement that increases mathematical literacy nationally and globally.

Career opportunities in Mathematics:

Mathematics opens the doors to many promising career paths. A strong background in mathematics will prepare you for work in sciences, education, technology, business and analysis. One career possibility one can consider is to become an actuary. Actuaries use probability and statistics to calculate events and possibilities for individuals and companies. They specialize in risk management and proactively analyze the impact of an event to eliminate financial loss. Other employment opportunities for one may include a career as statistician, financial advisor, mathematician or accountant. All of these jobs draw on the skills attained during degree program and knowledge of how to use equations to figure out budgets and finances for individuals and businesses. One can also find work with the government, a not-for profit or a commercial agency.