Our library is the central hub of the whole campus to support and facilitate the learning, teaching, coaching, and research programs of the Institute. There are three well-equipped libraries, one for the Engg. Second one exclusively for Management students and the third for polytechnic students. Keeping in mind the rationalized syllabus our library contains all the necessary and updated books belonging to each and every trade thereby meeting the requirements of all the students. None of the students corresponding to any trade need to move out of the campus to fetch any book or study material. All subjects related to the University’s academic and research programs have been included in the collection. There are more than 32,000 books purchased from reputed publishers along with a large number of magazines and National/International journals and Newspapers. Both the libraries are “E-Libraries” and have the facility of e-books and e-journals. Our library also provides light reading material like fiction, bibliographies, magazines, travel book guides, audio-visual, etc. to give healthy leisure time to its user.

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