B.Sc (Radiology & Imaging Technology)


B.Sc Radiology and Imaging Technology is a 3 year undergraduate program which is split up into 6 semesters. Students who undertake this course are familiarized with the knowledge of radiography and imaging techniques for efficient diagnosis in the field of medicine. It is one of the most popular modern medical technologies used to diagnose various diseases and disorders in the human body. This course will give students insights of how radiology and imaging technology is used for the diagnosis of various diseases and disorder in the human body.

Career Opportunities

Radiography & Imaging Technology students can work with mulple government and private hospitals, diagnosc labs, public health centres and nursing homes in various job roles of radiology assistant, radiographer, ultrasound technician, sonographer, MRI technician, R&D lab technician, technical execuves.

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B.Sc (Radiology & Imaging Technology)



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English, Hindi

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