Master of Computer Application ( MCA )


MCA is a 2-year full-time course that deep dives into the depth of development of computer applications and computer systems. This course offers students a chance to refine their skills in various programming languages while simultaneously learning how to apply different mindboggling tools and techniques. This well-designed course is divided into 4 semesters which rigorously studies programming languages, the Logical/algorithmic core of mathematics, computerized data-keeping systems, analysing of data and solving complex AI problems

Career Opportunities

After Graduating from MCA you can start your professional life in the job world and gain experience. These are some top career scopes aer MCA Course: Software Developers: Their role is to design, develop, build and maintain software systems using different technical skills and tools. Hardware Engineers: They are the ones who test, design, analyse and develop computer systems and their other internal components such as circuit boards, routers, memory devices etc. Web Designers: Their responsibility is to create the layout and design of a website Database Engineers: Their main purpose is to design, create, build and manage databases for organisations. Internet experts: They are professionals who design websites and e-commerce websites that generate leads and sales for companies. They have all-inclusive knowledge and experience of the digital and technological bases of the Internet. Cloud Architect: They can be referred to as “IT Professional” who plan, design, manage and monitors a company/organisation's cloud computing strategies. Troubleshooters: They are skilled professionals whose role is to locate trouble and perform repairing activities in machinery and technical pieces of equipment. Data Scientist: They are experts who have extreme analytical skills which are needed after collecting, analysing and interpreting large amounts of data

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